Only WE supply you a BRAND NEW 2013 built ultimate best VSR !!!

Meanwhile copied from several companies still none of them is that good as the original VSR - and the original is developped even further on every season, that's why we change our fleet every year into the latest available models !!!


VSR was and still is a new generation of RIBs ! Its planing quality is better than any other boat of its kind. A very slender, high bow and a waterline with minimum wetted surface are the main and crucial differences in this professional rib. VSR ribs characteristics and features are the result of many years of water activities experience, especially in sailing and coaching. A continuous development and improvement is a guarantee, that only a rib produced in VSR has all the features that you expect from your coachboat!

Efficient 4-stroke Yamaha Engines

Ergonomic console & left hand throttle

Force-Neutral hydraulic steering

Large fuel tank + 25l spare fuel tank

3rd party liability insurance

Comprehensive Coverage insurance

Personal accident insurance

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