2013 MODEL VSR 5.4C / Yamaha 60HP 4-stroke

VSR 5.4 is a perfect choice for almost every challenge in Sailing! 5.5m long and 2.3m width the boat has enough space and stability to follow all Olympic Boat Classes -also in RC44 Big-Boat-Circuit the 5.4 is well known and appreciated as Team Support Boat due to its excellent driving behavior even in heavy seas!


All our 5.4s come with a 60HP 4-stroke and are almost new. Equipped with double-jockey console, hydraulic steering, several storage hatches and full safety equipment the boats are recommended for coaching basically all boat classes.



Less fuel spent compared with same style ribs equipped with 50HP due to bigger 60HP engine which needs less RPM to accelerate on same speed!

Big built in tank leaves you enough space under the seat for storage, no big boxes blocking your way in the back of the boat !

Hydraulic Steering keeps your boat always on course - even you don't grab the steering wheel!

Left Hand control for free right hand for your Digicam!

Full safety equipment on board (anchor, 1st aid, towing ropes, knife)


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