2013 MODEL VSR 5.8R / Yamaha 70HP 4-stroke

This is the boat for the Professionals! More space, more stable in rough conditions and enormous powerful with its 70HP 4-stroke engine it is the ultimate coachboat on the market. As a development of the initial VSR 5.9 which showed some major problems this boat has become the Top-Seller of VSR in the past years.


Almost 6m long and 2.3m width it has enough space inside to carry Star Mainsails, Finn-Booms and tons of gear. Due to the 70HP pushing the rib forward you will always feel safe also when towing home several boats for miles or being loaded with dozens of Gennakers and tool boxes.

The 5.8R is recommended for faster and bigger boat classes like 49er, Star, Finn, Multihulls and Big-Boat-Projects.




Less fuel spent compared with similar 6m ribs equipped with 60HPs due to 70HP engine needing less RPMS to accelerate & tow at same speed !!

85l huge inboard tank allows you more space inside the boat cause no extra cans needed !!

Force-neutral hydraulic steering keeps your boat always on course - even you don't grab the steering wheel!

Full safety equipment on board inc. anchor, towing ropes, 1st aid kit,...



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